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Any experience with SNAPLOT 360 from Homenet?

Apr 13, 2012
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A dealer-customer is asking about this solution for capturing interior and exterior 360s. Does anyone have experience with this solution, good or bad? Attached is a promotional PDF the dealer shared with me.

Thank you!


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Patrick O

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Feb 18, 2020
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We tried it for a few months and went back to cameras and desktop as well. It was unable to access vehicles across multiple rooftops all at once. Connectivity was also an issue for us. Ultimately, it was the quality of the photos that moved us away from it. Just can't compete against a nice DSLR.

With that said, it had a great interface and was very helpful for lining up the photos. It just wasn't appropriate for our specific needs. I would recommend it to a smaller non-highline dealer, with perhaps 10-25 vehicles on the lot. IIRC, the pricing was pretty reasonable. Back when we used it, they did not provide a player for the interior and exterior 360 shots. If that hasn't changed, your dealer will need to see if that's offered by their current website provider.
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Aug 19, 2013
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We currently use it at and had a couple of hiccups the last couple of weeks with photos uploading but support was able to resolve it very quickly. Interior and exterior photos are great. You can create your own guide which is great if you have multiple people taking photos. They just have to follow the layout in the app.

You do have to purchase a 360 camera for the interior shots. The software will run on Android or iOS. If you use vAuto for your syndication make sure the photos are sent through Homenet for the benefit of higher resolution photos. vAuto compresses the s**t out of photos. Overall we are happy with the product. Hope this helps.