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Are traditional website form submissions dead?

Matthew Davis

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Mar 24, 2020
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As a provider of straight-up "trade us your information for your trade-in value or estimated monthly payment" tools, I can say with certainty that website submission forms aren't dead. The website conversion stats have held roughly constant since TradePending's founding in 2014.

As a marketer, I work hard to ignore my personal biases (chat vs. email vs. form fill vs. phone) to provide as many means as possible for customers / prospects to engage with us in their preferred method, not mine.
Sep 4, 2019
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Kevin Frye turned a lot of the CTAs into chat starters within the Wyler Auto Group site. He was speaking very highly about how well this worked for them at Digital Dealer this year.

One major issue occurring today is the dealership staff have become used to playing the "take it or leave it" approach due to such low supply. It isn't translating well to customers.
We moved the Contact Us CTA to open live chat on all sites last fall. I feel pretty good about the reaction so far and have not heard anything negative from our BDC. And believe me, they would certainly speak up. We are still trying to nail down the analytics/ROI on this change, but we'll get there.