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Basic CRM function is a big CRM problem for most?


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Apr 10, 2009
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I have a question for everyone out there on how your current CRM works.

Let's pretend you setup an internet follow up process with several emails and events that happen for 90 days from when a lead comes in.

If you modify the email template attached to your day 7 email, does your CRM properly apply
that to all the leads you previously received? Or does it still send the previous version?

If you change the email template on your day 7 email from one email template to another, does your CRM properly apply that to all the leads you previously received? Or does it still send the previous email template?

If you decide to add a new day 10 email, does it properly apply that to all the previously leads you have received that are less than 10 days old so they go ahead and get this new event?

Now think about a sold follow up process that could go on for years. Does your CRM properly apply changes to your processes as you adjust them over time?

I'm asking this because supposedly most CRMs out there can't do these things.

Thanks in advance for helping me with my research.
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Apr 17, 2009
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Hi Matt..

Figured you were doing some research... here's how our system works...

a) Change an email template: Previously scheduled mail will send the updated version
b) Change from one template to another, like the 7 day: The admin is given the option to "use previous template for already schedule follow-up or update replace to new template"
c) Adding a new template to an existing campaign, like the 10 day: Same as above. Admin is given the option to apply to old stuff or only stuff from "now on."

I agree, most CRM's drop the ball in this kind of thing. I think mostly because so many of them are hacked implementations of CRM products that were never designed for the car biz' - like your and mine.

have you done anything to get Twitter and Facebook in your interface? We've done some of this but still aren't sure where to draw the line - get it?

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