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Best iPad idea or use at the dealership


Getting Refreshed
Apr 10, 2009
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What does everyone think the iPad will be great for at the dealership? Anyone got any crazy ideas for things the iPad would be awesome at?

Here are some ideas of things the iPad could be good for

1. Salespeople use CRM software on iPad since it is very mobile and a lot of them don't have their own PC or even desk

2. Use as a sales tool to show customers vehicle inventory or model information. (interactive vehicle research tool)

3. Desking proposals - Do you think the iPad could be useful as a proposal presentation tool?

4. Service advisors - I have seen other mobile tablet type solutions for service advisors. I'm sure the iPad is less expensive than current solutions and would be perfect.

Anyone have any great ideas?
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Marc McGurren

Green Pea
Nov 30, 2009
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Been mulling it around ever since I won one at DD8! HA!

I was just telling someone about the possibilities on a dealership level. I think you have stated some obvious which would be awesome.

To have an iPad on a salesperson desk who can then either present information to customer and/or present numbers. Have customer sign on iPad. Then have customer fill out credit application. That's then pushed to finance! Holy WOW!

Inventory would rock out on this. Not sure if I was a customer if I would be willing to sit down and watch a video about a vehicle - BUT what about waiting on finance. A presentation on the dealership, OnStar, our service department, about us. Just a short 2 minuteish infomercial on the dealership and then some.

But what about finance? The ability to present a menu - have customer sign on the iPad which payment they want and from there the CRM pushes that file into DMS, etc, etc.

Current limitations - no multitasking - but hopefully this will be updated with OS 4.0 and that will transfer to the iPad.

I see this could be a game change. Could be....we shall see.
Apr 13, 2009
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Actually sitting typing on one as we make our way back from DD to Wisconsin today. I think coupled with a connect card from Verizon and this becomes a serious business tool. I used it for demos myself during the show. Wireless card in my pocket and pad placed flat in my left hand and I think it was quite effective and added a little wow factor (courtesy of the iPads responsiveness and visual appeal).

I could see on the lot the following:

Build a Vehicle application
Extended off lot inventory search for dealer groups with mutli rooftops
Bookmarking reviews/testimonials to demonstrate what great things others have to say about you.
Referencing technical specs on the fly
Sitting in your service waiting area with trimmed down version of your site containing inventory displays and ability to leave service feedback
Basic admin of inventory management.

I've been through both our regular websites and mobile websites with the iPad and
presentation is quite solid. I haven't flat out dropped it yet so I can't speak to how
well it would hold up in a more demanding use such as a service bay.

Watch out for heavy Flash based applications as they are not yet supported though I can't imagine that this standoff will last much longer.

Well keep brainstorming over here on this topic.. All said week one using this thing I'm a huge fan thus far...



Uncle Joe
Apr 7, 2009
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Post Sale Survey (during delivery).

How did you find us? and what can we do better?


Mar 2, 2011
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