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Can't see the forest from the trees?

Discussion in 'CRM, ILM, Chat, Desking, Emails, Phone, SMS' started by Chris Fruchey, Aug 18, 2018.

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  1. Chris Fruchey

    Chris Fruchey
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    Dec 8, 2017
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    My unique journey to regained passion and nothing more.

    I have had a unique experience of being a burnt-out salesperson of nearly two decades trying everything(including recreational idiocy) and was very successful for most of it but just burnt out, and bitter, my career was choking to death in an internet department that was cradle to the grave and not hitting 10% closing ratio for far to long! Now I know all of that is actually not uncommon but the part that came next was. The dealership had been struggling heavily with incoming sales calls(paged to whoever picked up the phone first) people not logging them Etc which for all of my weaknesses with drive and ambition or just focus I still when I decided to pick up the phone absolutely killed it.

    Most guys when I get to this point in their career either become washed up and start hopping dealership to dealership to sell 8 to 12 cars a month hold a little bit of gross and tell stories of their past success or they end up quitting and become the guy that shows up to buy with their wife and tells everybody how much they know about the car business, or that because they used to sell cars.....But luckily for me this is where my experience changed from the average, because most of them never get the chance to step back and look from the outside in, hence the reference to the forest from the trees, so the second I was tasked with every incoming sales call and creating an outbound program I desperately started trying to find knowledge I came across a specific video called cold calling is dead because you suck by Grant Cardone, not only did that video hurt my feelings it pissed me off and I kept digging and found Mr. Stauning's amazing training videos on creating an appointment culture and keeping it luckily for me this is where my experience changed from the washed-up veteran.

    After stepping outside of the box, or hopping in a helicopter that is flying above the trees while my friends run through the forest, I've realized that the low-hanging fruit is not the best internet lead, nor the best incoming sales call, nor that lot up that looks like theybrought a blanket and pillow, as a matter of fact every one of those is 10 times harder than a cold call that you set into an appointment from your owner body, not only do they close at so much higher of a ratio they trust you already the chances are higher along with the gross and csi, not to mention typical lies that customers tell you because their guard is up, all because they have not been online they have not talked to several dealerships trying to eliminate one from the other they're not confused all they know is that they trust your dealership and they trusted you or they wouldn't have set an appointment with you and I don't use some stupid over-complicated script or giving a salesperson autoalert which typically is not a professional nor are they master much less do they understand every bit of information they're looking at, so they end up giving the customer all the information needed to eliminate you instead of just getting them in the damn door I wrote my own it's very nonchalant and it's rejection free for the customer and me, but that was all easy once I realized that the hardest part is convincing the sales people car business that they don't need to about advertising, or how busy lot traffic, or even how quality the leads are their already given the best ad budget and lead quality evr with a free phone and a crm that is filled with limitless free for you money!

    This part is competitive pride more than anything I would like to see some figures from other phone hammers as I am at least wise enough to know there is always someone that is better/stronger My numbers are as follows on inbound only straight outta eLeads and no my agents(no joke forced down my throat failed greenpeas from the floor but now both stolen from me decent salespeople in this short period) were not but national average but until my gm lets me change more than the outcome of a sales call in or out This old car dog will challenge everyone and will never let someone I had the chance to train suffer the awful feeling I felt a little over 8 months ago when I realized I pissed away 18 years of watching my children grow up to be a quarter as effective as I could have been rather than standing around and black assing, had I simply just truly been a professional and never stop growing my craft and never worried about what the dealer was doing for me and just drove my own traffic I probably could have worked my own damn schedule while being more successful but most importantly spending it with family and yes the guys at the dealership are my family but it should not be because I spend more time with them than my kids.
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