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Chevy Marketing a total Effing joke

Oct 17, 2011
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Here sign up for Digital Airstrike. Use CSSR/Aspen for service defector prevention. Here's your awesome (mandatory) Cobalt site. Oh we're going to run display, re-targeting, and adwords on your behalf but against both your will and better interests. Here's your sweet (POS) Flex site.

General Motors get an Effing clue!

You want to tell dealers how to build a more effective website and digital marketing strategies. Well Thanks!
Here's a strategy for you...

Build a website for yourself that doesn't require multiple Cntrl + F5s to render or loads in under 10 seconds on it's own. Of course I am referring to Chevrolet.com

What a piece of god damned, Flash-heavy sh*t. Could you even make your low res images any bigger?
And yet you want to teach us how to better manage and build our own digital presence(s)?


Does anyone else see the irony in this?

My Large business grade High-speed internet chokes on Chevrolet.com and they want to tell us how things need to be done.
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Eley Duke

Nov 30, 2009
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Daniel, how long have you been involved with a GM store. Are you in a dealership?


Jun 28, 2011
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My Large business grade High-speed internet chokes on Chevrolet.com
Maybe Michele Obama hooked them up with the same people that built the ACA website. Seriously, retail managers, that have been in the business for awhile, are not surprised by anything coming from the manufacturer.
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