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Chip Perry Leaving AutoTrader.com


Sr. Refresher
Apr 7, 2009
Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana
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I have met Chip several times and he was always pleasant, polite, and a real gentleman. I found him to be very sincere in being willing to listen to the needs of dealerships, even though there were certainly times we disagreed. Best of luck Chip, I'm sure you have something exciting in store...
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Sr. Refresher
Dec 30, 2009
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While you can dislike a company's direction you can still respect the person if deserved.

I meet Chip several times many of them at the Autotrader's St. Judes campaigns. Always polite and approachable, if you didn't know who he was you could easily think he was just a "really good Autotrader rep".

I remember the first time I meet him 8 years ago. An Autotrader rep took him and I for lunch and Chip asked among other things: "What is you company's exit strategy?" I was just in my 3rd year of business barely making payroll so exit strategy was not an option. That stayed with me for a long time and decided not to have an exit strategy until that came to me by itself. I believe that having no choice but to move forward has helped me stay focused. Small talk for Chip, just words over lunch, shaped my vision for the last 8 years.

He gave me his help and respect. He deserves my respect back.

I wish him luck in the next enterprise.
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