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Core Web Vitals

The missing component in all of it is engagement. You can't sell a car without an engaged shopper. And I assume you can't sell a subscription on one article view.

Engagement = more time spent on content. More clicks. More return visits. An engaged shopper can turn into a lead once nurtured to that point.
I should also add that in using your payment tool, we have recently been experimenting with adding a squeeze. Before we have always just allowed users to use the tool for their purposes, and, if they decide to send a lead, cool. Since adding the squeeze, we have actually been getting less leads. I believe the reason is exactly this: engagement. With the squeeze, we are actually reducing engagement which is the whole point of the thing. We have been working with Chris experimenting with it to find the right mix for the squeeze, but, in the end, I think we will just go back to no squeeze. I think giving the tool to play with and then saying, "Just kidding!" and taking it away from them unless they give us their info is having the opposite of the desired affect.
Another point is all this stuff makes sites look cheap, like an poorly lit strip mall with insane signage and garbage piled up everywhere.

Customers spend the majority of their time on the top 10 digital experiences then check their local news or car dealership and get a reminder on what the rest of the internet is like.

Watching the history of dealership websites, and I'm sure others know more than me, it seems like there's a pendulum between aesthetic and feature stuffing. The advent of digital retailing has pushed the feature stuffing to the max. We need it to swing back towards a cycle of clean designs and better implementation of supplement applications.
1,000% agree. These sites all look like a cluster of neon signs trying to get your attention of the Vegas strip. It's distracting from the thing you actually want them to pay attention to: the vehicle.