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Dealer Website Service Scheduling


Hat Trick
Apr 16, 2009
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Our Service Department is considering using an online scheduling service that allows visitors to make their service appointment on our web site in "real time". Has anyone had any experience with AUTOSKED?

I'm told that they are heavy with Toyota dealers and come highly recommended. Are there any GM Dealers whom might be willing to share their thought's?


Jeff Kershner

May 1, 2005
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Never heard it until now. Looks like a complete service scheduling management solution - if that is what you need. The online scheduling is just one piece of it.

Watching the videos on the website - the web interface seems every generic (a form built using FrontPage) and not easy to use. It wouldn't allow me to get past step 3.

Not saying that it's not a good tool but if you are looking for nothing more than an online scheduling tool with customer alerts and a marketing piece behind it there might be other options. My Toyota dealer is using AutoRevenue - I'm only a few weeks into it (adopted it with the new gig) but so far so good. The online scheduling is straight forward and it has a decent marketing piece behind it. Might be worth the check as well.

I'd encourage you to give AUTOSKED a DEMO and see what all they have to offer. Please share what you find once you have taken the DEMO and let us know what you think.

Thanks Mike.

Steve Finell

Refresh Team
Apr 7, 2009
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I am, and have generally always been, a fan of XTime. It's not terribly pricey and does a great job for online service scheduling. Plus, it offers a host of other features which you may or may not have an immediate need for but, which could present opportunities to expand your service offerings.