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Do you have overcharges from CDK?

Do you know what each charge on your invoice means?

  • Yes, I know specifically what each description and charge is for.

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  • I know some of what the descriptions and charges are for.

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Jan 5, 2016
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At the beginning of this week, I was working with our sales rep to add another user. While I was talking to him, I was questioning how that price per user shows on the invoices. That is when I emailed my copy of an invoice over to him so he could see what I was referring to. He opened it up while he was on the phone with me and was confused by some of the items on there and told me that we are getting overcharged. We have EVO now and it shows charges on the invoice for EVO and NXT. Because the invoice descriptions for each charge are very limited detail, I had no idea that we were getting overcharged. This overcharge was also happening just before I started working at the company so I never bothered to look back until now. He told me that he is going to get together with his manager and will get back to me. He got back to me yesterday and told me he will reimburse for 24 months and told me the amount. This morning, I gathered the years of invoices since we have had Lightspeed. Needless to say, we have been getting overcharged for about 49 months. This has led to thousands of dollars of being overcharged. I am talking around $15,000 of overcharges. I asked him how far back he looked and he informed me that they can only reimburse for 24 months as that is when the "transition to CDK was in effect". I am now requesting to go to management. That is absolutely not acceptable. I don't see how or why they would have all of a sudden tacked on charges for two different programs. It makes me wonder how many others are getting double charged and don't know it. I am curious as to how many of us customers really know what all the different charges are on the CDK invoices to assure that there are no overcharges.
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