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Don't Give Them Too Many Choices


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Jun 28, 2011
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People are far more likely to click on organic rather than paid search. Obviously, that is where you need to be. If you have the number one position in paid search, people are more likely to click on that rather than the last. Actually, I believe that position will get the vast majority of attention, provided it doesn't look like an ad. If you have all three of the top positions, what is that going to do to your website traffic? Clearly, it should have an impact. If you could dominate organic search with 20, 40, 60%, it would increase your website traffic. If you could do that with most common searches, for each model, and in 10 adjacent markets, you should expect a significant increase. If part of those placements incorporate customer testimonials videos that are linked to social media sites, it could improve traffic and public perception, also.
Most of your leads come from your website traffic and that will happen if you dominate organic search.
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