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Free Spam, No Not the Ham


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Sep 10, 2014
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This whole anonymous email BS from CarGurus (free leads) is for crap. How is this not hitting spam? And you get 5 attempts before the anonymous email is cut off? Free is not always good. And we know, first hand, that there is always a catch! Are they hurting for account retention? (it is evident). There is a lot of disinterest in third-party leads right now, and rightfully so! No wants SPAM.

Only thing I can think of is for those dealers that just see 100+ leads and get excited overlook the crap they have just received. We stopped the service because we can spend a third of the money on organic AdWords & PPC and get much better results!

P.S. it took an hour and a half to remove their spam leads from a marketing list for an email campaign - I wish I could have called them (personally) to hand remove the crap they sent.

Who else is over this third party lead non-sense paid or not?
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