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Google VLA, Autotrader and Cars.com

Feb 16, 2015
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I have a dealer that is using VLA and their vehicles are showing at the top of a Google search. The VLA program now pushes Autotrader and Cars.com results lower in the page.

Although, Autotrader and Cars.com has other dealers showing up in competition with their own listings on the VLA, they are not local to the search.

If the dealer's vehicles are showing up at the top of the VLA results, Why would Autotrader or Cars.com be needed.

VLA seems to be the new, hot and greatest thing.

It would be wise for Autotrader and Cars.com to try to own this space and place all their dealer’s vehicles on it, so that the dealer doesn’t have to use it themselves.

Autotrader and Cars.com are missing the boat, they are allowing the auto vehicle search results to be taken over by VLA and no longer being needed because dealers can get their own vehicles listed at the top of the page.

If Autotrader and Cars.com used this service to show all dealers inventory by the relevant search criteria and included it as part of the regular contract, it would make the relationship with Autotrader and Cars.com much more valuable. Instead, they want to charge for it and only show premium dealers who may not even have the exact vehicle that was searched for.

Do some Google searches on vehicles and see what VLA results you get and let me know your thoughts. Is VLA a great service? Do we need Autotrader, Cars.com and other Vendors to list our inventory?