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Have BDC's Outgrown the Dealership?

Baron Ringler

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Jul 6, 2010
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Has anyone had any experience with Detroit Trading's BDC services?

I worked with Detroit Trading many many years ago, and there is nothing special about them. I'm amazed they are even still around, and wasn't aware that they still existed until I saw this post.

They are a relic of the past and not suited to today's automotive landscape, even before Covid. Blunt, but true.

In essence, they are a lead aggregator like Dealix or Autobytel, but without the relationships with the manufacturers or the larger third party lead providers (cars.com, Edmunds, etc.). If you think that leads generated by Fred's Bagel Barn and Car Shopping Service will be quality, they are the people for you. Also, and I've caught Autobytel doing this as well, , on many occasions they would recycle leads from 4-6 or even more previous, and present them as new submissions and charge for them. It's one of he main reasons I've cancelled those aggregator sites whenever possible.

If they have tried to expand to BDC Consulting, and I have never heard of them being in that space, I would deeply question their abilities to produce quality results.