FRIKINtech How much better is lead connection rate when sending a quote?

Alex Snyder

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May 1, 2006
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With the help of @Greg Wells at AllCall we have been doing some testing on how much better a dealer can do when giving the customer a real price quote.

FRIKINtech is automating lead response with dynamic payment and price quotes out of the CRM and AllCall is calling the customers that engage with that quote. Here are the results: a 76.48% connection rate OVER THE PHONE WITH ALL LEADS when the customer receives a quote first.

Let's take this a few steps further...

When I was at Checkered Flag and had a 9 person BDC handling inbound calls and leads we might have gotten more than two touches on half the leads. In hindsight, I can now say we definitely did not have enough people to handle the inbound traffic coming our way. I would guess we connected with less than 40% of the internet leads we received. If we quoted them something, it was only a price and that was done after they responded to us… how backwards that was :banghead:

With consistent phone follow-up from an outsourced BDC, connection rates with leads are typically above 50%. That is blind calling and east/westing a conversation into something for a dealership employee to follow up with. Typically that follow up is for a price quote. Overall, not a good customer experience.

When you start with a believable payment (payments are key) quote the customer is more apt to take your phone call. They call you back when you leave a voicemail (gotta leave the right one ;) ) because you've given them something they want. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours. Simple human psychology.

In full transparency, I am leaving out a lot of finer details because Greg and I would like you to buy our services. We have been working on this for many months and are getting more and more excited about how tuned this instrument is becoming. We do our best to keep the most up-to-date stats on the FRIKINtech BDCiQ page:
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