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Instant Payoff Info?


Rust & Dust
Jan 27, 2019
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I posted in the cool tech channel about an instant payoff... it got me thinking a bit more about something that I think could be useful, and I kinda want to build, but I don't want to build it if everyone thinks it's a terrible idea.

The idea:
Instant payoff quote: text a VIN to a phone number, and you get a text back in as little as a few seconds with:
  • Payoff amount
  • Per diem
  • Good thru date
  • optionally, decoded VIN to confirm we found the right vehicle
This seems really fast. It would save people from having to call lienholders and go through frustrating IVR prompts, or having to wait for a customer to log into their account and do it. Equally, I could build support to take a lienholder name and account # if the VIN lookup fails. I could also probably pull lease information, so you'd get an accurate lease payoff quote as well. All this data would come from the lender.

Another idea is to build an integration to DealerTrack or CDK/Rey&Rey so you can check the payoff again if the deal extends beyond the good-until or you wanna confirm.

Would any of you guys buy something like this for operations?

Product Ideas.
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