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Jan 21, 2021
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Hi everyone. Been kind of lingering around and finally got started on my dealers license and company start up today so thought I would go ahead and start an account here. I've been doing quite a bit of reading on here. As I am not new to forums I have come to learn that more info can be found with searches than possibly asking the same question that has been asked countless times.

My father has ran a small automotive shop for about a decade now and after I got out of the military I have been working with him try to grow the business into something he was not able to. As any auto repair shop he has acquired quite a few vehicles that we have obtained the titles on or need to get mechanics leans on for titles and instead of scrapping or impound them I thought we could get the titles on them and clean em up and cash sell them. That's the idea anyways. During this time Ill be looking to get some cars on the lot as well from some of our local auctions and what not, really anything decent I can get my hands on.
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