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PR & News iOS 13.4 Beta - Digital Car Key

Apr 29, 2011
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One of the Apple rumor sites I visit today posted an article about a new feature uncovered in a beta version of iOS (https://www.macrumors.com/2020/02/06/apple-iphone-carkey/).

It got me thinking - all the rumors about an "Apple Car" may just turn out to be Apple establishing relationships with automakers and slowly bringing their OS into most vehicles. This is just one example. As automakers transition to EV, one of the things that's worried me was how important the software is and this being an area they would struggle against tech giants like Tesla, Rivian, etc.

Hopefully people with CarPlay can unlock their cars with their iPhones or Apple Watches pretty soon.
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Rust & Dust
Apr 15, 2009
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I'm guessing this will work with features like Hyundai's Digital Key, which is Android only right now, on the new Sonata.