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Aug 11, 2021
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Hey, DealerRefresh fam!

The ActivEngage team is thrilled to join the excellent roster of sponsors here. @Jeff Kershner and @Alex Snyder , you’ve created an amazing community and resource for the lifeblood of the auto sales industry. We commend you for that and are grateful for this opportunity.

Have you heard of ActivEngage? It’s okay if you haven’t, but you probably should get to know us, seeing as we’re the most successful managed messaging provider in automotive.

Founded in 2007, ActivEngage is driven by the idea that real conversations and connections can change the world. We combine our passion for technology with our mission to provide the most trusted messaging service to businesses across the globe.

We excel in live messaging (all real people; NO bots!), but we’re so much more than chat (with industry-leading conversion and quality, by the way.).

ActivEngage offers an entire suite of products that equip dealers to bolster their digital storefronts, ease customers down the sales funnel, and close more deals.

Review optimization? Check out AcceleRater.

More targeted engagement? ActivTarget is what you need.

Enhanced leads with verified customer data? We’ve got DataWise Analytics.

Plus so much more! Check out our website and give us a little browse. We promise you won’t regret it and if you add our services, your customers will LOVE YOU.

And since everyone loves video nowadays, enjoy this short video that demonstrates a little more of what we’re all about:

We look forward to interacting with this community more in the coming months. We’re not dealers, but we are passionate about helping dealers be the best they can be.

The AE Team
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