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Looking for a new digital retailing vendor to replace AutoFi

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Oct 20, 2015
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AutoFi has been falling off lately. They're our only vendor that still hasn't figured out how to send conversions to GA4.

Anyone having a good experience with a different digital retailing service? I just scheduled a demo with Upstart but I don't know if there are some other options I should look at too.

Seems like a totally commodotizable service. No real switching costs other than the annoyance of setting things up again w a new vendor.
Are you looking for a digital retail program that puts customers into a tunnel of workflow less than 5% actually get through, or are you looking to put payments on your website and generate leads?
Exactly the right question to ask. Everyone's definition of digital retailing and their goals are different.

I would argue it's not a commoditized service and lack of GA4 events might not be a deal breaker necessarily.

We personally have had great success with Gubagoo Virtual Retailing. They have 2 versions; Pro and Select.

Pro allows you to offer full-blown Carvana-like capabilities.

Select is more of a "payment calculator" on steroids that drives a ton of engagement and leads.

@Alex Snyder's FRIKINtech is another great option if you want to display lease and finance payment amounts upfront on your VRP and VDP.
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