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Manager/Sales Agent Performance Review Template

John V.

Jan 15, 2015
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I've been using the reports out of the CRM but was looking for an official sort of "performance review" worksheet that had to be signed off and turned in with pay sheets. I ended up creating my own but it is still in it's infancy - trying to find a way to tie it into the payplan has been difficult.

Right now, they have to make a minimum number of calls, texts, videos or else they do not qualify for any bonuses (unless you sell 20 cars then you are exempt). Thinking of switching to this review of what I have attached and changing the commission bump from 20 to 25% that happens at 10 units to instead be tied to this.


  • example sales agent review.pdf
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Mar 11, 2023
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Performance reviews are essential for keeping your team on the right track and continuously improving their performance. I completely understand your need for a template, especially when it comes to Sales Managers evaluating the performance of Sales Agents.
By exploring more details, you might discover exactly what you need to streamline your review process and support your Sales Agents in reaching their full potential. It's always great to have tools that can help make your job easier and more productive.
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