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Name Consolidation Tool & CDK; why you need a clean up!

Aug 15, 2022
First Name
I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Jeffrey Schwartz and I own Empire Data Management based in the Hall of Fame City of Canton, Ohio. I have grown up in the automotive industry and the ADP/CDK industry. My family owned a Chevrolet Dealership growing up and my mother has been a sales rep for CDK since 1997.

More importantly, I have been working in the Name Consolidation Tool since October of 2011. I spent a year working directly for CDK from 2019-2020 and re-launched Empire Data Management upon leaving CDK.

If you own a dealership and are on CDK, you need to clean your name file once a year. There is no argument against it. Want to save money? Want to save time? Want to sell more vehicles? Empire Data Management is the vendor you should be using for your name file clean up. You might ask yourself, why use a third party? Why not directly use CDK? You can, if you want to spend 70-80% more on your name file and wait months for the project to start. With Empire Data Management, we're on stand by and work through a VPN rapidly cleaning your name file at a reasonable rate in a reasonable amount of time, two facets of life you the client always want easier. Not only does Empire do a far superior job than CDK at cleaning your name file, your price will never increase. Clean your name file in 2022, pay the same price in 2024. I'm happy to take your call at 330-283-8779 or an email at [email protected], provide you with any answers and references you may need. No muss, no fuss. Make your data accurate, clean, and save money while cutting out corporate pricing. I want to give you the best Name File possible.

Jeffrey R. Schwartz, COO Empire Data Management