New Independent motorcycle dealer in the PNW

Jul 31, 2022
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Hey all,

I've recently started my used motorcycle dealership (Mischief Moto) with a buddy after about a year of going through all the hoops to get endorsement and space etc. I have a billion questions that I've spent the days researching, but was wondering if y'all had some advice about a few particular questions regarding powersports specifically.

Inventory. So far, OfferUp and Craigslist seem to be the best ways to acquire inventory, though we're trying to find new avenues. copart seems to be only good for branded titles. We purchased a few and.. well that was trial by fire to re-sell. Where are you finding inventory? Is Manheim any good for clean title bikes?
Advertising. We've been advertising bikes for sale on Craigslist OfferUp and FB market. We've been considering CycleTrader for nationwide appeal, but not certain yet. Any other recommendations for sites to advertise?

Seasonal sales. When cold weather season begins, do you focus on different types of powersports inventory or types of bikes? I imagine that Dual sports would do better in the winter. We're consider using our Misc. Dealer license to sell something different completely through the bad weather months and stock up on inventory. Thoughts?

Thank you for your time,