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New Trade-In Widget and in showroom Closing Tool

Mar 20, 2020
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Need feedback from fellow internet folks...

I created a new trade-in widget that creates a sense of urgency and is simple for consumers to use. It gives the consumer a demonstration of what they will get from the product before asking for contact info - of course, lead goes to CRM. The backend allows the dealer to hold a $ or % amount from Black Book average trade-in value, for example, the Black Book average is 20K on the entered trade, the widget setting is at 10% margin, so the consumer will see 18k trade-in value.

There is a showroom version that is used to overcome the "I'm not getting enough for my trade" objection that is easy to use and has proven to help close the deal...

Here is a peek at the dealer website widget. It is responsive design, so it will configure to fit any device... Let me know what you guys think. www.tradevelocity.net/demo-store

Any feedback for improvement would be greatly appreciated!
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