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Post Rating Feature - How and Why to Use

Discussion in 'How To...' started by Jeff Kershner, Feb 5, 2015.

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  1. Jeff Kershner

    Jeff Kershner
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    Most of our active members have already used the new Post Rating feature. On the old platform you had the ability to "Like" a post or comment. You now have the ability to not only "LIKE" (with a Thumb Up) a post or comment, but now you have a few more options to show your gratitude or not.

    If you find a post or comment to be USEFUL, click on the Wrench icon.
    If you find a comment to be a GOOD IDEA, click on the Pen icon.
    If become it made you LAUGH, click on the Smiley Face icon.

    If you're NOT SURE YOU AGREE, use the X icon.
    If you find someone's comment or opinion to OLD SCHOOL, click on the Clock icon.
    Or if you simply DISLIKE someone's comment, click on the Thumbs Down icon

    Why would someone use the post rating features?

    I can't imagine I need to answer this with great detail but we sometimes have a new member that likes to comment one every post or thread with a one-liner - such as "I agree", "Nice job", way to go", etc. After too many one-liners, they often become annoying since most members after profile set up to receive alerts when he knew comment is made to a discussion they're following. The post rating feature allows you to express your feelings without filling up everyone inbox with unnecessary alerts.

    So please, take advantage of the Post Ratings feature. And remember, each time you use it. that member receives a point that can be used in the future for trophies or graduating into other groups. A feature I plan use in the future.

    See below for visuals.


    We now have an IMPROVED post ratings feature. You can not only "like" a post, but you have several other options as well. :)


    Maybe you “agree” with ones comment or found it to be "useful”. On the other end of the spectrum, maybe you “dislike” it or find the post to be “too old school." You can now be a bit more expressive with your ratings.


    I'm sure some are wondering if they LOST all their "likes" from the previous platform. The answer is NO. All your acquired "likes" carried over to the new Post Rating feature.

    Next time, before you click on the "like" icon (thumbs up), you may want to consider a more suiting one.

    If at anytime you want to review your "Post Ratings Feedback", you can do so by simply visiting your Profile Page.


    Questions? Post them below as always.
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