FRIKINtech Service Drive Equity Mining Stats

Alex Snyder

President Skroob
May 1, 2006
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We are now in the anniversary month of SERVICEiQ (September 2022), and we are getting very close to launching a complimentary product: EQUITYiQ. Can't wait to inform you all of how that one works! Stay tuned...

August SERVICEiQ numbers continue to tell the story of consistency.
  • 84% of total service ROs were customers. 16% were internal jobs and fleet stuff.
  • 21% of those ROs were eligible for an equity offer.
  • 54% of the offers sent were delivered. Try tracking that with snail mail :poke:
  • 28% of those offers were viewed.
:light: This resulted in creating an average of 67 fresh leads per rooftop. It brought 115 enhanced leads from people who returned to view the offer again.

:2cents: For the second month in a row, we saw more VINs acquired as "street buys" than trades. All in all, the average gross generated in August was $17,846 on an investment of $1,299. This means we continue to see a 14X ROI on average. I can't wait to see what happens when there are more new cars for these people to trade their cars on!

Texting opt-ins remain steady at 13%. Email opens remained at 37%, and the click-thru rate went up one point to 10%. These are stats that blow away the traditional text and email marketing.