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Shocking Discoveries in Automotive Marketing Attribution?

Mar 17, 2011
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The 'Attribution' conversation has proven to be not only a saucy subject, but also an elusive one that wanes in the minds of some, and enlightens the minds of others. As the focal point of the 2017 DSES Panel, “The Data Doesn’t Lie: Shocking Discoveries in Automotive Attribution,” it was evident that people attending, and the panelists themselves, all agreed on a single theme...that the industry needs to pursue the idea of a marketing attribution model we all can believe in.

Attribution was the primary talking point in the first DealerRefresh Roundtable which featured Guest Refreshers @Ed Brooks and Gregg Hayim, and it was the closing subject of the DealerRefresh discussion panel at Digital Dealer 23 with @Chris Leslie , Steve @Stauning , @Brad Paschal , @Chad Graves , and moderated by @subi101 Ghosh.

So when four of the industry’s leading advocates for change hit the stage in October to discuss, you can imagine it was a topsy-turvy type of conversation. David Metter, shared his Top 10 Key Takeaways of the Discussion.

My question is, were there any truly shocking discoveries?

It's difficult for me to be objective about this particular subject because we're constantly talking about it, but for some, the conversation of attribution may actually have shock value. If it does, I'm curious to know what they are.

Here's the FB Live recording of the panel: