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New Vendor The Appraisal Lane - Reviews, anyone using it?

Discussion in 'Are you my next vendor?' started by Jeff Kershner, Aug 15, 2018.

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  1. Jeff Kershner

    Jeff Kershner
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    May 1, 2005
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    Another NEW appraisal tool promotion has made its way into my inbox. There's always been a few of these on the market in the industry, all the way back to when I was part of a user group of dealers that would post wholesale and dated vehicles within the group for other dealers to bid on and acquire. Times have changed, just a bit. Most of these new appraisal services now reside on your phone / mobile app.

    I'm not sure exactly how NEW The Appraisal Lane has been around. The logo looks a bit familiar.

    Ever since AutoTrader's Trade-In Marketplace (TIM) came to market, it seems as if there's been quite a few copycats (who knows, maybe they copied from someone else) looking to make it better.

    Content from their website and mobile app page:

    "The Appraisal Lane Helps Dealers Make More Retail Deals at the Curb"

    The Appraisal Lane is for licensed automotive dealers and is a live trade desk that places cash offers quickly on used vehicles sent in by franchise and independent automotive dealers in the community. The Appraisal Lane gives dealers the ability to move used car inventory by providing accurate valuations; the ability to provide a consistent consumer trade-in experience; and the confidence to take used cars on trade regardless of a new car sale.

    • Scan and decode VIN's, add photos, and enter condition information
    • Communicate with The Appraisal Lane's live appraisers
    • Receive a cash offer in under 15 minutes on Live Trade-in's
    • Offers are valid for 7 days or 300 miles on Live Trade-in's and 3 days or 100 miles on other vehicles
    • Manage offers and view past appraisals

    Live-Trade Appraisals
    As customers arrive with fresh trades, quickly scan the vehicle's VIN and submit to The Appraisal Lane for a cash offer in 15 minutes or less, good for 7 days or 300 miles.

    In-Stock Trades, Front-Line, CPO...
    We also place cash offers on inventory you already own. Offers arrive in just a few hours and are good for 3 days or 100 miles.

    Buy from a Growing Network
    The Appraisal Lane's Buyers Network gives you access to available inventory ready for purchase, and live-trades being sent in from dealerships nearby.


    At the moment it looks as if they are only operating in the East to mid Eastern states.

    Anyone using The Appraisal Lane? Have a review or more information on their company and services? If so, please share!!

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