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The Hertz Effect on Vehicle Sales

Oct 30, 2018
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Time for the industry to step up (again)...

With the bankruptcy of Hertz Global Holdings, Inc., there will soon be an extraordinary volume of vehicles on offer, creating a bulge in a pipeline already constricted by the global pandemic. Hertz, down to their last billion dollars, will need to accelerate the rotation of their inventory as a cash resource to replace missing revenue from their operations. Read more...
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Jul 7, 2020
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Hertz could still spin off profitable companies that fall under the umbrella, Donlen, Herc, Hertz local, this could very well happen. Many of issues that helped bring Hertz down were self inflicted. Unfortunately Washington might have to get involved again, perhaps passing another program similar to the cash for clunkers. But this still remains to be seen.
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