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The value of a review from a NON-BUYER


Mar 17, 2014
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I am playing around with the idea of soliciting reviews from people that did NOT purchase from me.

I can automate an SMS to go out "X" days after create/modified/negotiation etc. that would ask for a review and provide a link depending upon email address/lead source/any other variable.

I got this idea long ago while looking at my Car Guru reviews and realizing that sometimes someone that didn't buy from me will give a really good review. I was of the opinion that those reviews were more powerful than the reviews that customers left while they were excited about their new vehicle.

I know there are risks in doing this, but can see a situation in which the reward may outweigh the risk. I see opportunities to learn, change process, see what we are doing well, and maybe shoppers could see the non customer review speaking louder than the customer review.

Anyone have any thoughts here or could you share your own experience with this?


Oct 12, 2015
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Not in soliciting the review, I have received some from people who have shopped with my team, but not purchased - they mentioned the *only* reason they didn't buy was we didn't have the right vehicle, but their sales rep was amazing.

At the time, I really liked that, in hindsight, I am not sure I want a lot of posts regarding not having the right car for people, would that discourage others from shopping with us?
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