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Thoughts on my PPC 'Manager'


Nov 27, 2018
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I have been worried that we weren't getting the best bang for our buck with our PPC vendor for Google Ads. After analyzing our account and realizing we were appearing for irrelevant searches, I had asked for her to organize and optimize our campaigns. Her response: please send me what you would like changed.

After I had sent her a novel of every little thing that i thought should be updated/changed, she fixed it within a couple days. (She added a couple keywords of 'new for escape' rather than Ford...)The next monthly phone, she had explained that our budget isn't going to spend as much as it did last month and that the words were too specific.and reverted the changes.

I asked why 3/5 campaigns were on accelerated delivery and she explained that they had to be on accelerated in order to spend...

She suggested turning our OEM campaign into a dealer general campaign...I agreed. However, I noticed that both campaigns with the same keywords, ads, targeting, etc were both running. After asking if its worth it, she explained that we need to have the other campaign along with of our OEM campaign incase our OEM budget runs out. I gave it a couple days and noticed that we were spending a significant amount less in the OEM campaign - She gets back to me a week later and ensures me that our OEM campaign will be spending over the other campaign

... However, Our OEM campaign has still only spent $105 and our other Dealer General campaign has spend $484.

Is this normal? Should we be concerned?
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