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Uploading Photos through vAuto


Sr. Refresher
Jun 28, 2011
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I've always prided myself in being able to use most any software program but today I was asked to help with using vAuto to upload cars to their website. Having used this in the past, I was sure that I could help.

Understand, I have been a staunch supporter of this company for years. I have told people that they have the best customer service, in the industry, and was by far the best used car pricing software available. I have met Dale Pollak and he is someone that I admire.

Being happily retired for the last few years, I am becoming less familiar with advances in automotive software. I have to say that trying to use vAuto for uploading pictures was a challenge.

This dealership puts appraisal pictures on line before the actual pictures can be taken. I couldn't figure out how to delete those. Trying to move the old pictures to the bottom, below the new pictures, was a nightmare. If there are any instructions or FAQs, I couldn't find them.

I noticed a button that had zip files on it. I assume that there must be a way to upload images for more than one vehicle at a time. There is no documentation so I was unable to upload the five cars at one time. I was able to upload individual vehicle pictures and that was pretty quick.

I have used Dealer Specialties, CDM, Homenet, and Liquid Motors, among others, to upload pictures. I would suggest that vAuto get access to Dealer Specialties or Homenet. Changing the order of vehicle pictures, using vAuto is a disaster. How you delete groups of pictures is another challenge.


Getting Refreshed
Apr 7, 2011
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Thank you for the awesome support over the years and of course the feedback. I find it hard to believe that we don't already have one so I have already started the search. :) If we don't have something tangible immediately available, you will see one from me pretty soon. I will put together a quick guide on it and, if possible, I will make sure I put a link back here for you and others to use.

@Jeff Kershner - Please let me know if it's okay to post the link here.