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Uploading Pictures SLOW!


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Jun 28, 2011
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I was helping a good friend load up some pictures for some Wranglers that they had installed a lot of accessories. They use CDM's back-end tool but they all seem to be about the same. We were shooting in 1984 X 1488 (second lowest setting on my camera. I loaded them at home where I have a fast internet connection and a fast desktop computer with a lot of ram.

I understand that most people are not loading 25-30 pictures but these Jeeps had winches, big wheels and tires, side steps and were lifted. There were 10-12 vehicles and it took an hour and a half to load into the back-end tool. This is like watching paint dry. I don't know how the guys that do this for a living keep from going crazy. This was only a dozen cars.