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What would it take to make a BETTER LEAD?


Uncle Joe
Apr 7, 2009
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What if there was a way to auto-magically improve Leads?
For a moment, forget about HOW to do this and think of attributes that could be added to make the lead better for buyer and seller.

Attributes like:
  • Prior Customer?
  • Been on your site before?
  • Car shopping sites visited (all)
  • Models viewed
  • Total Time Spent Car Shopping
  • Soft credit pull
  • Household income
  • current vehicle payment
  • number of payments left on current vehicle
  • Social media profiles (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter)
Take the technical limitations off... forget about HOW to do this. What info would you like to see on a lead?

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Alexander Lau

Feb 11, 2015
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Aren't all of those attributes being currently cross-referenced? This is not my forte. If not, crazy... great business model.


Super Moderator
May 19, 2011
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There are a few companies that are doing this, but most of them are doing it behind the scenes and just selling the results to other vendors.
Tapping into location data is (once again) the secret sauce here. They track your location from home to work to the dealership and then connect all of that information with other information from other providers (ie: American Express) to paint a picture of your viability as a customer.
They then sell this information (read: identity) as a lead.

They're missing the soft credit pull, but household income is fairly accurate.
They have credit card spending habits and some other critical financial data as well.

Thankfully, most of it doesn't work up here in Canada, so I just rock out with by VPN out and nobody is tracking my terrible spending habits and assuming I can afford a new car.

Mitch Gallant

Refresh Team
Apr 6, 2009
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I’d want to see a profile based on user activity that suggests what the customer is interested in and what vehicles we have in stock that fit that profile, both new and used. Good better best and make it easy for sales reps to communicate with customers with good info.

Key indicators that a specific feature is important (colour, engine, # of passengers)

Time to purchase/current buying stage


Type of personality/how they would like to be treated/their expectations

Just going along with the “what if” thinking instead of “yeah but”. :)
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