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You can’t manage what you can’t measure


Getting Refreshed
Apr 10, 2009
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If you want to get better at something, you first have to know how well you’re doing, right? How do you know how well you are doing? You have to be able to quantify it. Once you can quanity how you are doing, you can more effectively manage it.

CRM software is a great tool to monitor and measure the activity going on within your dealership. If you pull a showroom activity report and it says you are closing 90% of your ups, that doesn’t mean you are doing a great job. It means your salespeople aren’t using the system. Are they following up with the people that didn’t buy that day? Could you sell more cars if they were?

If you want to improve how your store is performing, you have to get everyone using the CRM and use it’s reporting to measure and track your success. Track your response times, closing ratios, appointment statistics and much more.

How can you manage what you can’t measure? The problem is you don’t know what you don’t know.

What stats do you measure at your dealership?
Visit Generations Digital
Jul 14, 2009
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I'm interested to know this information too. What are the key metrics and conversion rates that are tracked?