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YP.com, Yellowpages, The Original YP...


Dec 20, 2010
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So we've been getting these flyers a couple times every month or two.. Seems there are about 16 different variations of the "yellow pages".

Just curious if anyone actually pays for their advertisement online. I know some may still be in the book with a bigger slot. "OriginalYP.com" wants 300+ dollars for a year to put a logo listing online.. The website is very hard to use and uninformative.

YP.com is a bit better and I'm sure it gets more traffic. Does anyone even go to YP.com to search for stuff? I've never in my life searched on YP for personal reasons. I'd use google or even bing before YP.

We've gotten maybe a few hits on our website from YP.com.

Is YP worth the money? Is it worth being in the 'hard copy'?


Apr 1, 2012
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I use YP.com all the time! To make sure they have my clients information exactly correct for citations... The moment I saw my 70 year old Grandpa start using Google instead of a phone book is the moment I lost all hope in it. Judging by the aging vehicles of the reps that always visited my dealership, I would guess a lot of other people see it the same way. I would suggest to stop investing money into Yellow Pages, and just put it into internet marketing.

Look into spending that money on: PPC, SEO, Retargeting, Remarketing, Usability Testing or Display Advertising.