artificial intelligence

  1. Marc Lavoie

    We ghost shopped over 1,000 car dealers...

    I had Sam from Matador come back on the podcast & share stats from ghost/mystery shopping over 1,000 car dealers in the US. Here's what I learned: Watch full episode: Looking forward to your feedback!
  2. Marc Lavoie

    I was wrong... Can car dealerships can REALLY use AI?

    I'll be honest, I thought AI couldn't be integrated in dealer solutions yet without being IFTTTs. Turns out I'm starting to think I was wrong. Here's my interview with :
  3. ryan.gerardi

    Artificial Intelligence: Your Secret Weapon for Getting Leads

    "Freshen Up!" Live Web Chat with @Ilana (Zur) Shabtay, Director of Business Development with AutoLeadStar This is the complete 'edited' version of our November 2017 webinar. For today’s dealership, lead capture is a huge priority – and a huge challenge. Reaching diverse customers through...
  4. ryan.gerardi

    Maximize Your Marketing Dollars with AI - Complete 'Edited' Web Chat

    Here is the edited version of my conversation with AutoLeadStar Co-Founder and CEO Aharon Horwitz where we explored the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools revolutionizing automotive digital marketing. In this conversation we discussed how to get started with AI today, and we even got a sneak...
  5. ryan.gerardi

    Deals4Dealers Get 10% Off Your First 3 Months with AutoLeadStar - EXP DEC 31, 2018

    PERSONALIZE YOUR WEBSITE. SELL MORE CARS. As part of our November webinar campaign, AutoLeadStar is offering DealerRefresh Dealers 10% off your first 3 months of service with their all-new Falcon program, the complete digital toolbox powered by Artificial Intelligence. > Watch Video Now...
  6. ryan.gerardi

    DR Webinar Artificial Intelligence: Your Secret Weapon for Getting Leads - 11/7

    For today’s dealership, lead capture is a huge priority – and a huge challenge. Reaching diverse customers with personalization, managing the wide variety of lead-capture tools, and gathering and using data effectively can all be daunting, as well as time-consuming. Join us Tuesday November 7th...
  7. Devorah Wolf

    Does your website provide "concierge service"?

    We're all used to the recommendations on Amazon based on our searches and purchases. Ilana Zur claims that dealership websites can guide car shoppers through their research in much the same way with AI tools. Anyone using this type of technology? Are shoppers responding to this kind of...
  8. ryan.gerardi

    DR Webinar How to Maximize Your Dealership Marketing with AI

    Artificial Intelligence used to be something you’d only see in science-fiction novels, comics or movies. But these days AI isn’t just for Terminators and space ships with an axe to grind. Car dealers are now able to use AI to improve personalization on their website and engage customers more...