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  1. Shishir_GoAutoAuto

    Deals4Dealers Free Listings for Dealers on Personalized Search Site

    Hey Everybody! My name is Shishir and I am the founder of GoAutoAuto, a new simple and personalized approach to vehicle search. I am very new to the dealer perspective so am opening up myself to questions about my product, our offers for dalers, or my plan looking forward. At this time...
  2. Marc Lavoie

    I was wrong... Can car dealerships can REALLY use AI?

    I'll be honest, I thought AI couldn't be integrated in dealer solutions yet without being IFTTTs. Turns out I'm starting to think I was wrong. Here's my interview with :
  3. SteveeAnders79

    PR & News The 20 Best Selling Cars and Trucks in the U.S.A.

    Hello all! People in the US don't seem to care about fuel effciency that much. So now there are only 5 sedans in the 2018 top 20. It makes me wonder, how many of them will be included in the 2019 top 20? Three? Two? One? Zero? Source
  4. ordan

    Car Leasing As Simple As Buying A Shirt Online

    Hello - I did not read the DealerRefresh rules in regards to soliciting. I'm not even sure my message makes sense on DealerRefresh. Maybe I am in the wrong place. I have become an opportunity for moderators to make an example of. ------------------------------ So @ordan would you like to...
  5. Cindy Kurman

    PR & News Fastlane Chooses Market Scan as its Data Partner

    Fastlane, the recently launched e-commerce platform for car dealers, has chosen Market Scan as their financial data supplier. Fastlane offers dealers an Amazon-like checkout process for consumers who wish to buy their car online. Savvy dealers are gravitating toward Fastlane because of its...
  6. W

    Top 5 Car Buying Apps of 2017 That Helped Car Shoppers Get Their Way Into a New-er Car

    Buying a car in 2017 is still a painful and stressful process. With the ever increasing smartphone usage and mobile app market, Fintech companies are on a mission to revolutionize the car buying experience. Startups like AutoGravity are teaming up with lenders to help consumers simplify their...
  7. W

    Are Millennials Buying Cars? How are Apps & Technology Affecting Car Sales

    Driving a car is slowly becoming a thing of the past. More and more millennials value convenience and time over freedom of owning a vehicle. Gridlock, social status and technology all play a role in this changing automotive climate. The millennial generation are those born in 1982 and...