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Oct 9, 2017
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Fastlane, the recently launched e-commerce platform for car dealers, has chosen Market Scan as their financial data supplier. Fastlane offers dealers an Amazon-like checkout process for consumers who wish to buy their car online. Savvy dealers are gravitating toward Fastlane because of its flexibility, customizability and ease of use. Toward that end, Fastlane has chosen Market Scan to provide real-time payment and rebate information tracked from every car manufacturer, bank and credit union in the country.

“The payment transaction is clearly one of the most important aspects of the online car buying checkout process, and we wanted to partner with a highly trusted and reliable data supplier who would give our customers accurate lease and retail payment information,” said Dave Luce, Fastlane’s Vice President of Sales. “We looked at other data providers in this space and we believe Market Scan fits the bill perfectly.”

“Market Scan gives car dealers and consumers real-time information needed for the sales transaction,” said Rusty West, Market Scan’s President and Co-Founder. “Our data is penny-certain and extremely comprehensive. We track every parameter, policy and factor that can impact an automotive transaction —and we do it for every vehicle sold in the United States. This includes lender policies and rules, rates, residual values, manufacturer rebates and incentives, even tax and DMV calculations. This information is updated daily, which is imperative for creating a superb online car buying experience.”

Fastlane’s platform enables car buyers to purchase a vehicle directly from the car dealer’s website and gives them an easy Amazon-like checkout experience. The platform handles nearly all the tasks associated with the purchase process: Year, make, model, specifications and price information on each vehicle, warranty and service contract options, aftermarket product options, trade-in evaluations and accurate retail and lease payment information.

Dealers have been very pleased that Fastlane is much more than a cookie-cutter solution. The car-buying experience is customized to meet each dealer’s unique branding, messaging and sales needs. “We built Fastlane knowing that the online car-buying process typically differs from dealer to dealer and from region to region,” said Brandon Hall, Fastlane’s CEO. “Our technical teams work closely with each dealer to determine how their online car buying experience should work. Then we configure it to their satisfaction. It’s a win-win that makes online purchasing easy for dealers and their customers. Because of our partnership with Market Scan, dealers can be assured that pricing information will be spot on.”

The Market Scan team is very pleased to partner with Fastlane,” said West. “This new company is clearly—and quickly—going to have a significant impact on the way car dealers bring their inventory to the online car-buying world and we’re proud that Fastlane considers us to be a valuable part of their growing success.”

About Fastlane
Fastlane, with headquarters in Dallas, Texas, is a developer of innovative e-commerce and showroom technologies for automotive dealerships. Fastlane creates value for dealers by providing them with an online checkout experience and enhancing dealer’s in-store purchase experience, giving them the power to sell more cars, be more profitable and increase overall customer satisfaction. By offering Fastlane’s turnkey purchasing solution, dealers give customers a convenient way to complete the purchase transaction while the sales team focuses on engaging with customers and building long-term relationships that last well after the car is purchased.

Fastlane’s technical integration team, based in Dallas, Texas, customizes the Fastlane e-commerce platform to meet the specific and unique needs of individual dealerships and dealer groups.

For more information about Fastlane, please visit their website, www.fastlane.car and their online newsroom, www.newsline360.com/fastlane. Contact Fastlane at [email protected].

About Market Scan
Market Scan Information Systems, Inc. is a software firm and data aggregation company, founded in 1988, that tracks nearly every automotive lender in the U.S. (lease and retail finance, new and used vehicles) and all their programs, variables, parameters, policies, factors and rules; plus all OEM rebate and incentive programs –anything that can impact an automotive transaction. Additionally, Market Scan tracks all taxation–rates, methodologies and calculations–plus DMV calculations, and how they apply to every lease and finance structure, anywhere in the United States.

Through Market Scan’s mScanAPI, the company now powers many of the industry’s most important companies and, working with companies like Fastlane, is changing how automobiles are sold.

For more information about Market Scan, please visit their website, www.MarketScan.com.