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  1. Chad Collins Sr. III

    Encab Neil Diamond Was Just A Bagel Maker Before I met Him...

    When I first met Neil Leslie Diamond he was slangin' bagels in upstate New York. After ordering a dozed Asiago bagels I invited Neil and his best friend, Herb Cohen, on a nine day Encabulation retreat. We hunkered down in a small cabin near the Catskill Mountains, whereI taught the young men...
  2. competitionsubaru

    Competition Subaru of Smithtown

    As the top Subaru dealership in Smithtown NY, serving St James, Huntington and Hicksville, Competition Subaru offers a wide variety of both new and pre-owned Subaru cars, including Subaru Outback, Subaru Ascent, Subaru Legacy and more. We also provide Subaru servicing and OEM auto parts as well...
  3. ordan

    Car Leasing As Simple As Buying A Shirt Online

    Hello - I did not read the DealerRefresh rules in regards to soliciting. I'm not even sure my message makes sense on DealerRefresh. Maybe I am in the wrong place. I have become an opportunity for moderators to make an example of. ------------------------------ So @ordan would you like to...
  4. Rick Buffkin

    Are You Planning Ahead???

    Guys....We have all different types of conversations here in the forums. Payplans, stats, ROI, etc, etc! This thread is a little different. This week we had the folks that manage our retirement programs here at our dealerships. It kinda got me thinking alot about it. Most of us in this business...
  5. Cindy Kurman

    PR & News Fastlane Chooses Market Scan as its Data Partner

    Fastlane, the recently launched e-commerce platform for car dealers, has chosen Market Scan as their financial data supplier. Fastlane offers dealers an Amazon-like checkout process for consumers who wish to buy their car online. Savvy dealers are gravitating toward Fastlane because of its...
  6. Cindy Kurman

    PR & News Fastlane Launches E-Commerce Platform to Enhance the Car Buying Experience

    Dallas-based startup Fastlane has raised the bar for online car buying with the launch of its new e-commerce platform for automotive dealerships. The new platform offers car dealers the ability to customize and brand their online car buying experience, while providing customers with a...
  7. Steve Stauning

    Crusty Old Sales Leads

    Last month I wrote a post for DealerRefresh on how dealers that want to be successful in a flat-to-down market need to focus more on some of the "old school" stuff like processes, phones, measuring ROI, and (especially) those crusty old sales leads. While most of the feedback has been aligned...
  8. cbautomotive

    Ford Trim (A/C & Electrical) Technician - Conroe, TX

    - JOB CLOSED - Unfortunately this job is no longer available. Thank you for your interest!
  9. Amelia Meijer

    Best Place to Buy used Cars in Netherlands?

    I am searching for good & trusted online place in the Netherlands, from where I can get perfect used & new cars. Could someone please suggest few names? Thanks
  10. U

    Digital Advertisers Pricing

    Hello! I am looking for a Digital Advertising Solution provider for US region for a group of 20 dealers, also i am seeking some help on how these people charge a dealer for the services rendered. In particular the providers I am looking at are and C4 analytics.