1. emilymoore

    Current CRMs are missing an important piece of our business

    I have recently submitted a feature request to Vinsolutions that could expand the capability of the CRM to include the important function of purchasing vehicles from our customers. Every dealer has become a buying center, yet our CRM fails to provide an adequate way of handling these customers...
  2. Brad Burlingham

    Rank the CRMs

    Hi all, Realizing this is a loaded question, but curious who you all think are leading the pack in crm. We are currently on elead at our 12 stores and i cant even remember the last innovation they had. As painful as it is to change, we are considering making the move. I know the choices...
  3. Alex Locklair

    Autotrader Inventory Scarcity and Making an Acquisition Plan

    Below is an article written by Autotrader's Director of Digital Marketing, Kevin LeSage, featured on our Dealer Advantage Blog. We wanted to share it with you and see if you have any comments or feedback. Inventory is scarce and expensive. So, let’s build a proactive acquisition plan. Dealers...