data collection

  1. Jeffrey Tognetti

    6600 Dealership Website Hack? - SpinCar At It Again? Clarivoy "hack the dom"

    Hello All, It appears SpinCar may be selling and/or diverting your website visitor data (maybe even lead data) to multiple 3rd parties AGAIN. And guess what, many of these 3rd parties may also be reselling and/or using your visitor data against you. Using Builtwith there are 6,600 instances...
  2. Steve Stauning

    Did DealerBuilt DMS Really Get Hacked?

    I am curious if this is a true news story about a major data breach at DealerBuilt: It's only on and nowhere else. If it's true, why hasn't Automotive News picked it up? If it's not, who...
  3. Paul Black

    Looking for alternatives for Octoparse( web scraping tools)

    I've been using a web crawling tool called Octoparse to help me collect data from yelp.( Could you recommend some alternatives for this?