1. Mattbkk

    Deals4Dealers Free Google My Business Audit Tool Chrome Extension

    For more than 1 year we’ve been working and finally now releasing our FREE Google My Business Audit Extension, so-called GMB Crush! GMB Crush is a Google my Business Audit Tool that reverse engineer your Google My Business competitors’ success in a couple of clicks, by analyzing their GMB...
  2. Christopher Reggie

    Google My Business Glitch Of The Day!

    So GMB has been acting a little strange lately, hasn't it? Now we are experiencing an ownership issue which is allowing owners to take the primary ownership as seen in the attached video. Is anyone else dealing with this? - Christopher Reggie
  3. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Conspiracy Theories, Eating bats, GMB, orange men & Digital Retailing | w/ Eric Miltsch

    @Eric Miltsch joins us to shoot the sh!t about what’s happening in the world today. NOTHING IS OFF THE TABLE <---- you’ve been warned. Conspiracy theories, eating bats, orange men, digital retailing, sweat pants, murdering family, etc... Maybe not in that order. And for those of you who need a...
  4. George Nenni

    Dealers Are Winning with Multiple “Google My Business”

    If automotive retailers want to maximize their opportunities with Google My Business (GMB), they must create separate departments for sales, service, parts and body shop. I’ve seen this topic debated online, and though some may disagree, I want the data to speak for itself in making this...
  5. Christopher Reggie

    GMB: COVID 19 Update - Digital 1 Group

    GMB: COVID 19 Update If your dealership has been affected by COVID-19 / Coronavirus, you'll want to check this out. Google is allowing us to post an update to our customers to inform them of any changes or safety measures related to COVID 19. This update to Google My Business was just...
  6. Nate Schoell

    GMB issue with Service listing showing up instead of Main dealership listing

    Hey all, just wanted to pop in here and share something interesting the DI SEO team has observed the past few days. Feel free to share your observations as well! Over the past week, Dealer Inspire has noticed an influx of Service department listings showing up in the knowledge panel in SERPs...
  7. Itsallaboutthemoney

    New Helpful Google My Business Feature

    I glanced over the threads and haven't found the one about this comparatively new GMB feature which is called Menu. They introduced it in April. So, basically it is an ability to add a categorized list of your services within your Google My Business pages. There are sections, subsections, a...
  8. Andrew.K

    Google My Business: Irrelevant Photos

    Has anyone had luck choosing photos to display on SERPs for their Google My Business profile pages? Recently, Google has been overriding our photo choices and they've picked some terrible, user-submitted photos to show on SERPs. Our clients are understandably upset but when I call Google they...