internet marketing

  1. leadlocate

    Texting, Social Media, and Local Classifieds

    Why do most dealers seem to ignore such a big market segment? People love to text (FCC compliant way), yet most dealerships don’t have SMS marketing strategy. People post qualifying buying triggers on social media every day, yet most dealers just advertise not engage. Local Classified sites are...
  2. ilana.zur

    How should I maximize my website to enhance today's typical online shopper?

    The auto industry’s move online comes in response to people’s comfort with digital platforms, and their newfound expectation for ease and simplicity. Dealerships who make their websites consistently useful, valuable, and convenient will capitalize on customers’ expectations and gain more leads...
  3. Catie.B

    New Internet Manager Questions

    I am not new to the car biz, but new to my position. I am looking to network and get input on the best practices around. I would like to hear about any good processes (as I am currently renovating ours), lead management tips, overcoming objections, whole nine yards. I want to hear any and...
  4. Steve Stauning

    ZMOT, Big Data, Micro Moments and the Overthinking of Everything

    As our friend Jeff Kershner so eloquently Tweeted last week: “A few years ago everyone was going BONKERS over ZMOT and now going BONKERS over Micro-moments. It's like breaking up a turd into pellets.” While I might have stated it differently, for 99.9% of companies out there his sentiments are...
  5. Jeff Kershner

    Which ad source gets credit for the sale?

    Which ad source gets credit for the sale? Our industry loves to credit the sale to the originating ad source that provided the first in lead. Our CRM's have promoted this behavior. Which ad source receives credit for the sale at your dealership? Why?
  6. LotPop

    What is your new car pricing strategy

    How do you price your new cars? Do you: 1. use your website to price them and have it calculate a dollar amount or percentage of MSRP or invoice (set it and forget it feed) 2. just price at MSRP 3. use a software product (like vAuto's Conquest) tool which gives you a deeper dive on market trends...