1. Christopher Reggie

    Apple and Kia Building a vehicle?

    What is everyone's thoughts on Apple and Kia potentially building a vehicle together? Does this signal that other large tech brands will partner with automotive manufacturers to produce tech-heavy vehicles for diehard consumers? Samsung will certainly follow where Apple leads, right? The real...
  2. TomLaPointe

    Sales down for 6th month... WHY?

    Sales are down for 6th straight month - even JEEP. Japanese brands up a tic, US & Korea drop... Why do you think and what can be done? Detroit Free Press article snip... Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced its sales fell 7% in June while sales also fell 5.1% for Ford and 4.7% for General...
  3. mikesayre

    KIA denies co-op reimbursement for in-house PPC advertising

    Most of us here have a bad taste in our mouth when OEM's force things down our throat, like website vendors. The good news is that trend is dying for the most part. The latest on the digital advertising requirements from KIA isn't technically forcing dealers, but it's a clever workaround which...