1. Matthew Davis

    PR & News Congrats! “The Wobblies” TradePending Customer Awards

    Congrats! Please join us in congratulating twenty three TradePending customers for winning awards in “The Wobblies,” the inaugural TradePending customer awards. The name “The Wobblies” references our semi-lovable mascot, Peep, otherwise known as the wobbly bird. Here’s the backstory on Peep...
  2. Matthew Davis

    PR & News Imagine Autos & TradePending Partner for Dynamic Inventory Merchandising API

    Our team has been enjoying working with Imagine Autos to get our Superlatives badge data, for real-time inventory merchandising, incorporated into their products via an API. Here's the official press release, and copied below as well. TradePending, the authority on vehicle valuations and...
  3. Matthew Davis

    If Fast & Furious 9 had inventory merchandising

    We had a little fun and applied a few of our Superlatives "badges" to the Fast & Furious 9 movie trailer.
  4. Matthew Davis

    PR & News Very Cool Use of Merchandising Data API in Auto Ads - Cartender & TradePending

    We love how Cartender is using our Superlatives API to inject real-time market context into video ads. Here's their promo video and our post/official PR below. ----- That same great data we use to power Superlatives for dynamic inventory merchandising on car dealers’ websites is now...
  5. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Kent Lund & Joe Pistell AND Photo Booths!

    We have Kent Lund from - from OVAD Custom Stages and Uncle Joe Pistell will also be joining us today due to his expertise in setting up dealer photos booths as well. RefreshFriday LIVE Today at 1:00 PM EST The developer of Carvana's photo booth ( is here to help us explore...
  6. J

    Vauto listing equipment advice

    Hello all, I am a sales manager at a pretty large wholesale dealership in New England. We currently use Vauto for pricing and appraising vehicles. Many of the vehicles we sell are more high line ie BMW, Mercedes etc. Although I find Vauto a great tool for finding equipment and options on a...
  7. Jim Leman

    Wheel’s Auto, Team Up to Jazz Up Used Vehicle Merchandising

    NIAGARA Falls, NY – July 18, 2018 – The Monroney Label is so ordinary we forget how much merchandising punch this mandated sheet of paper can bring to your used car marketing. Now, to bring the Monroney Label and how dealers display it into the 21st century, two leaders in vehicle signage and...
  8. PR

    PR & News Releases "HOT CAR" Feature & Visual Badge

    Announcing 'Hot Car' Badges to Fuel Demand for Your Dealer's Inventory We ( are excited to share that "Hot Car" badges have been added to our suite of price contextualization badging on With "Hot Car" badging, is fueling demand for your inventory to help turn...
  9. Jeff Kershner

    Which Mobile Apps are you using in 2017?

    Which mobile Apps are going to help you get the job done at the dealership in 2017? Which apps are you already using that's helping you and (or your dealership as a whole) to merchandise, sell and service more vehicles? This can apply to non-automotive mobile (everyday) apps, AND automotive...
  10. Jeff Kershner

    Stitched Image Video VS True Walkaround Video w/o Voice Over

    Alight Refresh Community, I need your opinion. I've been working hard to take our Merchandising Videos to the next level, but not only is it a bit of work, I can't seem to find that sweet spot of efficiency and effectiveness. Allow me to clarify what I mean by "Merchandising Video" - A...
  11. Jeff Kershner

    Inventory Management - What's your Favorite Feature?

    What Inventory Management application are you currently using and why, and what's your favorite feature(s)? If your CRM offers inventory management and you're using it, include it. Maybe the integration is your favorite feature. Some website providers offer inventory management (though...
  12. Jeff Kershner

    How do you leverage your new car specials page?

    Our boy Dan just published an article over on the blog - "Are your new car specials, really special?" Here's a topic that seems to never get old. No matter what year it is. Dan offers several solid ideas on how to optimize and leverage your new car specials page on your dealership's website...