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  1. Whitney Williams

    Are accessory sales alive and well during a global pandemic?

    Did car buyers stop accessorizing their vehicles during the pandemic? It seems like the vehicle personalization industry is largely unphased by 2020, but I wonder what the frontline people say? Are you still selling accessories online and to your in-person clients (if you can communicate well...
  2. competitionsubaru

    Competition Subaru of Smithtown

    As the top Subaru dealership in Smithtown NY, serving St James, Huntington and Hicksville, Competition Subaru offers a wide variety of both new and pre-owned Subaru cars, including Subaru Outback, Subaru Ascent, Subaru Legacy and more. We also provide Subaru servicing and OEM auto parts as well...
  3. dreyermeister

    Conquest Options?

    Hello, friends! I'm looking for a great company for conquesting luxury buyers. My dealer group has 6 luxury lines that are slowing, and the competition is gaining market share. Anyone have a great experience from this expensive tactic? Thanks!
  4. derrickwoolfson

    I want to hold gross, BUT let's GUT the Pricing?

    I understand each month's objectives change. But what I do not understand is the complaining of not holding gross when all of the units are gutted? Where they think "not everyone shops online price?" (scratches head) - despite their having inquired online... Do you gut all the pricing? I...
  5. Cindy Kurman

    PR & News Fastlane Launches E-Commerce Platform to Enhance the Car Buying Experience

    Dallas-based startup Fastlane has raised the bar for online car buying with the launch of its new e-commerce platform for automotive dealerships. The new platform offers car dealers the ability to customize and brand their online car buying experience, while providing customers with a...
  6. Steve Stauning

    TAKE POLL The Coming Self-Driving Car Disruption

    There's been near-constant chatter about the coming "revolution" in new car sales since at least 1997 and although there has certainly been an evolution, there has been no non-recession disruption to the livelihoods of Dealers or dealer groups over that time. Well, I strongly believe there is a...
  7. LotPop

    What is your new car pricing strategy

    How do you price your new cars? Do you: 1. use your website to price them and have it calculate a dollar amount or percentage of MSRP or invoice (set it and forget it feed) 2. just price at MSRP 3. use a software product (like vAuto's Conquest) tool which gives you a deeper dive on market trends...