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  1. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall Top Ten Must Haves When Outsourcing Your BDC

    Outsourcing your BDC is a big decision. It takes an immense amount of trust to allow a third party to handle your customers and make calls on your behalf, and sometimes the logistics and onboarding can be a daunting project. Whether you’re considering an outsourced service as a supplement to...
  2. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall What is an Omni-Channel BDC?

    Your customers are demanding, and they’re in transaction mode. They want faster service and the ability to do more online with knowledgeable agents who can serve them across all channels of communication. This demand has forced a transformation of the role of a BDC, creating a new classification...
  3. Marc Lavoie

    Car Dealers: 7 Sales BDC Money-Murdering Mistakes

    Dug up that article I wrote a while ago to update the content & send it over to proofreading because it needs major syntax & spelling check. I see shifts in automotive BDCs these days. Some car dealers are still wondering if it makes sense to create an internal department, others are simply...
  4. Greg Wells

    Hiring Experienced Automotive Business Development Center Agents to work from home

    Looking for employment? We are ready to hire immediately! Due to rapid growth we have an immediate need for full-time experienced BDC men and women to work from home. The ideal person will be an energetic, outgoing person with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. Automotive BDC...
  5. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall How Are We Wasting Our Time?

    Currently working on a whitepaper for our blog, and need some insight. What are some of the practices dealerships use that no longer serve their customers? Furthermore, what are the biggest time-wasters in your current lead processes? Have you pruned any outdated methods?
  6. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall COVID-19 and Connection Rates

    It’s common knowledge that COVID-19 has affected everything in our lives. Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store, sending your kids back to school, or even just watching TV… nothing is the same anymore. In the automotive world, we’ve developed a love/hate relationship with the Coronavirus...
  7. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall Is Your Pipeline In Your Blind Spot?

    Your sales process only serves about 20% of your prospects. The rest are just beneath the surface, ready to be converted into appointments. It Starts With Management: It’s up to managers to thoroughly review the pipeline with sales and BDC reps. Reps tend to focus on what’s in front of them...
  8. Steve Stauning

    What is FCA Thinking?

    Perhaps this is an oversight by the dealer I'm working with, but we received the voicemail below during a recent mystery shop. The voicemail was the first call received to a new lead submitted on the dealer's FCA-approved Dealer.com site. It came in one minute before the dealer's BDC called and...