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  1. ryan.gerardi

    Lost Sales: Why They Happen and How to Reduce Them - Full Webinar Recording

    This is the completed 'edited' version of our December 2017 webinar with David Metter from AutoHook and Ben Robertaccio from Morries Auto Group. In this exclusive DealerRefresh Web Chat you will get a first-hand account of how Ben's Subaru dealership was able to increase sales and reduce...
  2. Steve Stauning

    Webinar The Best Internet Sales Process Ever! - FRI OCT 20

    I was working with a dealer this year who was still using email templates and voicemail scripts from 11 years ago! Moreover, their process required emails for 180 days and calls for 90 days to non-responsive prospects. This meant their process emails were likely being marked "spam" ... and if...
  3. Caleb Twito

    Where's the Service Training love?

    First, I'm not in Fixed-Ops training. It appears that the sales staff gets a lot more love when it comes to process and sales training. Why is that? Isn't the service department an extremely important extension of the sales staff? Do you place as much importance on the service process as sales?
  4. Jeff Kershner

    What are the TOP CRM Reports are you looking at each day?

    I don't care what CRM you're using... what are the most important reports that you MUST review each day? The GO TO reports you MUST review each morning in order to track your team's performance - on "internet" leads. And not so much "marketing reports", unless it corresponds to tracking a...
  5. Jeff Kershner

    Which ad source gets credit for the sale?

    Which ad source gets credit for the sale? Our industry loves to credit the sale to the originating ad source that provided the first in lead. Our CRM's have promoted this behavior. Which ad source receives credit for the sale at your dealership? Why?
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