social media advertising

  1. TabFlythe

    DealerAuthority Social posts that are share-worthy

    Do you have social media content that gets you and staff #MondayMotivated? Our social media team loves to share social media content that is rocking for our clients, so I thought I'd share one of our favorite posts from last week. Do you have some social content that has awesome engagement? Feel...
  2. Ben B

    Social Media Manager Payscale

    Hey everyone, I am trying to determine how I should be getting paid or what I should be getting paid. I am in the process of completing my E-Marketing and Design degree.The store I am at currently has about 350 new and used. Currently I handle -Social media accounts youtube, facebook, instagram...
  3. TabFlythe

    DealerAuthority Inclusive Digital Ads

    Are you up-to-speed on the demographics that surround your dealership? And if so, do you have ads running that serves all of those demographics? You could be missing out on a chunk of your market simply because you don't have ads running that reaches these audiences. In our latest blog, we...
  4. Joe Friedrichsen

    Dealer Teamwork What's Your Most Successful Facebook Ad Format?

    Hi everyone! If it isn't obvious from my Dealer Refresh title, this is my first post in the forums. I'm thrilled to join you all and be a part of this community! Now, I wanted to ask this question here because I’d like to get feedback from those of you handling facebook advertising for your...
  5. Jeff Kershner

    Customers want more VIDEO - What is (or would be) your strategy?

    Sprout Social's recent post - 9 stats social media marketers need to show their bosses ASAP they summarized the 9 stats from their Social Index, one of those stats pointed out that 45% of consumers say they would like to see more video (particularly live) from brands. I guess dealers could...
  6. MollyCurry

    Deals4Dealers One Month Free from SOCIALDEALER

    SOCIALDEALER is extending their NADA Special. Facebook highlighted SOCIALDEALER on their Business page. It's a good read on how they helped Castle Chevrolet find new customers. Learn more here: And here: